Folding Doors
To fully open up a space where there is no room for pocket doors we manufature bifolding doors up to 36ft wide and 10ft high. These systems utilize the Centor E3 and Centor E4 folding hardware, simply the most functional and highest quality folding doors hardware available. Indiviudal panels are available up to 3"6' wide by 12" high and systems are available with up to 8 panels folding each way. If screens are required the systems need to be kept to 24' wide by 10' high to utilize the award winning Centor S1 Screen system.

S1 Screen by Centor

Screen doors are also available although we recommend using the S1 Screen by Centor on all opening up to 24ft wide and 10ft high. Our doors come as a complete system, no extra parts are required. installation is available if needed.

Electronic Opening

For one finger operation of large door systems we offer the option of an elctronic opening system throught Doors in Motion. We recommend this for door panels larger than 5ft wide. To see examplees of the DIM system visit

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Folding Doors
Folding Doors
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